Enterprise App Allows Businesses to Work on the Move

IRVINE, CA – July 5, 2011 -OpenPath Systems announced today the release of Attaché, a breakthrough enterprise application for the iPad that synchronizes content and provides version control for users. Attaché gives business leaders tools to keep their employees in the field up-to-date with the latest data and collateral. “Businesses have recognized the value of the iPad for those employees who are outside the office. We think Attaché provides a significant value proposition, based on our permissions-based structure and content management system”, says OpenPath founder, Steve Jacobs.

Attaché iPad App Provides Access to Documents and Media
The iPad application allows users to access stored documents and media. The document sync feature automatically updates the iPad library when the user navigates to a section of the app that has new files available. The “Work Offline” function allows users to work while not connected to the Internet. Full zoom and file viewing is available whether on or off line. Editable documents can be opened and updated in third party editing apps such as Docs to Go, Go Reader, or Pages. Unlike other, similar apps, Attaché is a central platform that delivers document control, acts as a presentation platform for media, and can distribute important data without sacrificing security or control.

Mobile Content and User Management
Attaché Content Manager is a web-deployed portal that gives administrators control over navigation, user access and permissions, and “push notifications”. Built-in hierarchal access allows administrators to grant sales and marketing managers access based on their respective roles, so they can assist with content control, and send notifications without impacting the higher functions or navigation, thereby making content management a distributable task. OpenPath’s open architecture approach means that actual applications can be embedded to run within Attaché.