Enterprise Software Solutions

OpenPath’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing resource planning (MRP) software integrates disparate, disconnected data sources and business processes, thus eliminating both data inaccuracy and redundancy and greatly improving security and performance. The browser-based solution can be either a stand-alone product, or can be used to maximize the value of existing, legacy ERP/MRP systems. Users have access to a complete repertoire of business systems through single sign-on authentication. The intuitive nature of the navigation scheme, combined with email-based notifications and personalized dashboards, allow users to be productive immediately upon implementation launched.
OpenPath has created full-featured websites with back-end administration tools for some of the industry’s largest managed services providers. Public-facing sites can be used for meal plan purchasing, student polls, podcasting, newsletters, and more. The back-end tools allow your admin users to instantly update content, manage marketing campaigns, and view detailed dashboards and drill-down reports showing individual unit, region, and overall company performance.

Solution Highlights:

  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use
  • Include web sites, product and service sales components (eCommerce)
  • Catering
  • Virtual terminal
  • Sports venue catering
  • Resource sharing
  • Rapid deployment
  • Customizable
  • Payroll capture
  • Sales information capture
  • Budgeting
  • and much more…
OpenPath’s intranets and extranets provide secure and safe web-based distribution of key business processes and data to our clients’ sales channel partners and customers. Thousands of users across the nation and across the globe are now doing business online, reducing offline requests for product information, pricing, order status and much more as customers are getting their needs met 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
OpenPath’s CMS solution allows our clients to centrally control hundreds of individual, public-facing sites across the globe. Our modular, web-based platform gives our clients the ability to easily make content updates across any or all of their sites.
Pipeline Reporting
A proactive sales force has a dramatic impact on your company’s overall performance. Yet today’s salesperson faces fast-paced sales cycles, fierce competition, complex negotiations and demanding customers. That’s why better sales force automation is key to your success in today’s dynamic marketplace. OpenSuite enables you can reap the many benefits of online SFA.

OpenSuite gives your sales staff the ability to view won, lost, and open opportunities. View of the pipeline improves your ability to actively manage the sales process. Sales Managers have a complete detailed view of all opportunities, while offering probability filters that increase chances of success by tracking sales success parameters.

Sales Reporting
Sales reporting provides powerful drill-down reporting that gives management the ability to view overall sales performance, with the ability to drill down to the individual opportunity to view the specific details surrounding each opportunity.

Close Ratios/Probability
Not only can Sales Managers view active deals in the pipeline, but with OpenSuite, they can view accurate sales success and failure rates. This feature can guide the Sales Manager to get involved when and where needed to improve performance of sales while developing Sales Representative success.

Territory Management
OpenSuite enables Sales Managers to not only assign territories by geography, but also by specific customer account. This increased flexibility ensures that successful, pre-existing relationships between customers and the sales staff are not inhibited by territory lines. Lead routing provides the leads to the correct staff member, which increases your ability to quickly respond to customers. Email alerts give sales people the ability to minimize time spent verifying leads.

Business Intelligence (BI)
OpenPath BI empowers customers to make sound business decisions based on accurate, real-time information that requires more than intuition. Data analysis, reporting and query tools help our clients wade through large amounts of complex data to synthesize valuable information.

Distributed Order Management
With OpenSuite, repeat and new customers alike can place product orders on line or through your sales staff in real-time. Managing orders also allow you to track sales success while managing open orders and gaining information sales lost to competitors. The interactive inventory checker provides instant insight into inventory levels, which gives you the ability to advise customers of product availability.

Marketing Campaigns
Marketing campaigns can be managed from one central location while distributing roles and responsibilities to your marketing team. Common features such as tasks file sharing and customer analysis allow your organization to design campaigns that reach targeted customer segments. Automated task delivery helps keep your team in synch while follow up reminders keep you on track for adequate follow up on assigned tasks. Media and File libraries provide the central location to ensure proper distribution of all required elements.

Customer Support
With OpenSuite Real-time Dashboards, you can access pre-configured key performance indicators and graphical reports showing you trends over various periods. This includes key information like pipeline, sales, orders, new cases, items sold and more. These indicators can be set for various date ranges, product segments or divisions within your company and compared to previous timeframes. CRM is about the customer, and OpenSuite enables companies to keep it that way.

Predictive Selling
Predictive selling tracks customer purchase patterns and frequency. However, we took this feature a step further by suggesting what a customer is likely to purchase next based on various indicators such as products which are complimentary, and comparing those patterns to other customers who have made similar purchases. This allows your sales and customer service staff to safely recommend suggested products to customers as a value add.

Web Store
Whether you offer services or products, OpenSuite provides the framework necessary for you to manage your web store. Inventory control and synchronization allow you to manage product inventory from one central control panel. Pricing and tax calculations automatically take place based on the information you use to manage inventory. Product sync provides step saving import features that reduce time spent managing products. Complete with a shopping cart, and order encryption you never have to worry about information accuracy or security.

Web Site
Once you have OpenSuite, launching a public facing web site is a snap. Depending upon requirements you can change your public site, or add an additional public site in short order. And no matter what your business is, the centralized framework of OpenSuite provides the rapid deployment methods needed to remain agile in today’s business world.

Content Management
Because today’s marketplace moves at such a rapid pace, the demand for content management has risen dramatically. With content management you can deploy valuable information to your public web site, vendor extranet, customer portal or any other configured location in a matter of minutes. This is made possible by sound architecture and well defined processes required for managing content. OpenSuite removes reliance on IT to replace or update site content, while providing a sound method of managing your site(s). The simple user interface allows practically any user within your organization to manage content.

Vendor Extranet
OpenSuite takes distributed software a step further by providing a vendor extranet that is designed around the needs of our customers. Some customers need very simple tools that connect their vendors to them as a means of better communication. Others rely on OpenSuite to manage projects and vendors who support their project while delivering a distribution channel for communication, billing, media, documents, and other applications that seamlessly connect them with their vendors. No matter how complex your process OpenSuite scales to support your organization.