Chicago-based Quest Food Management is one of the fastest growing companies within the Food Service Industry. With growth comes challenge, and that is where OpenPath partnered with Quest. Integrating OpenSuite and adding back of the house features that are distributed to over 50 separate locations enabled Quest to manage purchasing, sales and payroll from a single platform. Browser-based distribution essentially puts all of the disparate locations under one roof. By securely harnessing the internet for application distribution, the Quest Team now operates with up to the minute data and information.

This not only impacts their ability to respond to customers it dramatically improved Human Resources ability to widely distribute and manage critical employee information. The hiring process can be managed centrally, while giving local managers the information and documentation needed to effectively manage their local staff, while keeping Quest HR in the loop.

Accounts Payable also benefits from the wide collection of date because invoices are quickly and efficiently entered into OpenSuite, which alleviates a backlog of work to be done. This enables Quest to efficiently run their business with a lean and effective support staff.

OpenSuite not only saves time and money, it provides the flexibility Quest needs to meet the exciting challenges any growing company might face.