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Across industries, OpenPath provides customer application services, as well as our proprietary OpenSuite platform that enables companies to connect internal users with vendors, suppliers, and distribution channel members. Making goal critical applications that address business needs result in enhanced employee productivity, improved customer involvement, and increased business efficiency.

And, because we understand that many companies have special needs, we take the time to understand their unique requirements when implementing or designing our software. We believe that one sizes does not fit all customers and work diligently to conform with the specific needs of each organization with whom we work. We are able to do this because we make the necessary commitment to provide a successful integration, and have enjoyed 100% success rate with our existing clients.

We generate highly developed software into user-friendly applications for every company. The methods are organized into distinct phases that are generated with the intent of better planning and management.

Phases: The phases consist of Open Modeling platform, and ERP/CRM system(s), which will gradually interlock online, marketing programs, designed sale promotions, product launches, and market analysis for a bolder structure.

Manufacturing Space: Offers faster solutions with complete visual of the problem making decision making accelerated. It is based off various ranges of global manufacturing systems. It integrates detailed statistical control while engaging with multiple data processes online and offline. Its strongest advantage promises tracking of all centralized data.

Process Automation: Offers common code base across multiple browsers. It comes with a backup system, off-line equipment working on various platforms. The coherent storage serves to gives security to all devices with limited accessibility depending in the tier of operator.

Our Focus: We are focused on providing structure and direction for our clients. With a correct structure all other details will fall in the correct places. We promise a guideline that enhances potential for any future development. The key point is to offer our clients a framework that is flexible enough to meet significant decision points for future application development.

We offer the perfect framework to empower workforce and transform the structure to meet deadlines under time saving duration. We allow our clients to be present with their clients on every level and solve business challenges, as it is our job to simplify processes so that companies may focus on relational teamwork.

What We Do For Our Clients:

  • Business Process Analysis and Automation
  • Online Sales Lead Generation/Tracking
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Technology ROI Analysis and Estimates
  • Technology Budget Management
  • Technical Support and Development of Major ERP/MRP/CRM Vendors (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD
  • Edwards & Baan, etc.)
  • Business Process Automation
  • Custom Win32/Linux Software Development
  • Web-based Application Design and Development

Our Secret: OpenSuite

We are proud of our proprietary platform, OpenSuite. With this in our toolbox, we can deploy your solution rapidly.

Open Suite is a modular software platform offering feature sets that can be adapted to any industry efficiently. Both client and browser based versions of Open Suite enables clients to determine which platform best suites their business model, as it tackles current business conflicts.

Our products provide e-commerce website design, web content management expertise, and Open Suite.

OpenPath System is able to rapidly develop and deploy your business application because we use the back bone of our OpenSuite platform whenever possible, and then adapt or custom develop applications to fit the customer’s needs. This approach allows for quicker integration and offers the stability of a proven technology – the structure has been in existence for over ten years. Our proprietary platform addresses many distribution challenges:

  • Data Convergence: consolidate and centralize data warehousing from distributing applications with disparate data
  • Comprehensive user permissions management
  • Business rules management and tracking
  • Resource sharing and extensive user permissions management

Our solution can run independently or in concert with leading packages like SYSPRO and SAP. Most clients prefer browser-based solutions all facets of the software can be controlled, down to the user level.

Our capabilities speak for themselves. Some clients require a “from scratch” large application integration and OpenPath System can fill these development requirements readily. The OpenPath Systems development team has years of experience developing enterprise applications, browser-based software, database architecture, .NET, PHP, Java technologies, enterprise resource planning platforms, and more.

Read our TRD case study of an example of OpenPath Systems developing custom solutions to specifically fit their unique business requirements.

OpenPath Systems offers hosted solutions to save your money and provide highly reliable hosting for your OPS software solution. Hosting is fee-based and modified to fit your solution so you save money.
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